Dressing the Bump

Ava’s pregnancy is first, scroll down to see the twins pregnancy wardrobe


First Trimester and Early Second Trimester

Hiding the baby bump (ahum.. baby fat)

ALERT: Best invention ever!

I own the basic belly band (a simple elastic waist to go over your pre-maternity pants) and it works okay, but it constantly rolls down, rolls up and generally does not stay in place. I found this beauty online through another blog, it’s called the “BELLY BUTTON.” It is meant to do exactly that the belly band does with one exception: IT HAS BUTTONS TO KEEP IT FROM ROLLING DOWN! One button goes into your pants button hole and the button on your pants go into a hole in the band (see pic). GENIUS! I bought two (white and gray) I already have the black belly band from Target. I loved it so much I bought the full body “Belly Button” that goes over your tummy later in pregnancy.

image (3)

Shows with the band on. Color: white

image (2)

 Shows how the buttons work to keep them up.




“Hiding Maternity” Fashion

I work at a school with nosey students and nosey co-workers. So instead of being the center of gossip about whether I’m pregnant or not, or just getting fat, I’ve tried to hide my pregnancy, (which came much sooner then I expected!) Below are some styles that are trendy, hide the bump and are NOT frumpy! I hate frumpy!

image (1)

Pre-maternity skinny jean khaki’s (with my genius BELLY BUTTON BAND) they are unbuttoned and unzipped. Paired with an Express flowing/loose shirt with elastic on the bottom. The free flowing nature of the shirt hides the bump, however, the tight skinny pants make it trendy and not baggy/frumpy.


Still not tell everyone at 14 weeks, so I am trying to hide the five pound bump that has appeared around my midsection. I will not call it a baby bump yet, I think I’ve gained it everywhere! yikes!


White maternity jeans from Target, not that I necessarily need maternity pants, but my jeans are probably the last thing I want to put my body into right now. They tend to pinch. So these are an elastic waist maternity pants that are super comfy. The shirt is an A-line, v-neck from Ann Taylor Loft.

photo 5

At a wedding this weekend I was able to wear a Ann Taylor Loft dress. It had an A-line cut so it was not hugging my belly. We told a few people at the wedding we were expecting and no one could tell! (15 weeks)

photo 1

At our gender reveal party I was actually wearing maternity clothes. I find jeans and the belly bands are uncomfortable now, so a pair of white maternity jeans from Liz Lange Maternity and a loose fitting Gap t-shirt. (16 weeks)


Non-maternity Loft dress – made with stretchy cotton and flares about the waist, essential for the growing bump! The different types of horizontal stripes takes the eyes away from the belly too!

photo 3photo 2

Some of my choices at the 17 week mark. Both non-maternity. I’m at that in between stage where I often don’t look pregnant, I just look like I’ve gained a few pounds.

Maternity fashion does not mean frumpy!

Maternity fashion doesn’t have to be frumpy and to be honest, maternity fashion does not need to be maternity wear! At 19 weeks I have officially popped to the point that pre-maternity pants are not really an option without my bellybutton band. But so many of my clothes are A-line or wide enough and long enough to hug my belly. Maternity tees are not completely necessary at this half-way point.

Last weekend we went to dinner for my husbands Aunt. The pants are from Target maternity. The blouse is one I picked up in Italy years ago at H&M, a very loose blouse but when I added the belt, it perfectly outlined the top of my bellow. Add some big jewelry and done! Ready for a night out.

photo 1

23 Weeks – a maternity pair of jeans with non-maternity Banana Republic tank and New York and Co. cardigan. The beauty of cardigans is you don’t have to button them! I am also still able to wear most of my tanks that are slightly longer and have some give to them. Will I be able to wear them at 8-9 months? Probably not, but they are great now. So I don’t need to buy a bunch!

photo 2

 Back to school

photo 3

pre-maternity stripped dress

accentuates the bump because of the tie below the chest and above the bump


Target maternity jeans and non-maternity denim top – the top cinches just below the chest and flares out – perfect for 2nd trimester. It was a bit fitted… I don’t think this will fit in another month.

photo (9)

Pre-maternity dress I bought years ago from Zara in Europe. One of my all time favorite dresses: flattering (pregnant or not)

photo (11)

This is a pre-pregnancy tunic that I used to wear with leggings. Now with the bump I can’t get away with leggings (especially at work). But I wore my skinny jeans, uggs, and the tunic for a flattering dress down day at work. I added the belt to define my bump so I didn’t look wider.

photo (12)

Still going strong with many of my non-maternity tops – this is a Gap tunic sweater. I added the belt for more definition and viola a pregnancy dress. My pre-maternity leggings were already on the larger size before pregnancy but they are also cut very low, so they work.

Twin pregnancy

The baby bump has come much faster! Probably due to second pregnancy and expecting twins!! I’ve been trying to strategically hide the bump from coworkers by wearing long loose clothing. Tunics and dresses are my new best friend. Hoping to get to next week (13 Weeks) before people find out. 

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