Our Story – IVF

Our story begins in 2008 when Ben and I met at a Labor Day Party. Fast forward three years to the happiest day of my life. July 1, 2011 we were married!!

MC1-4146 MC1-4164_ocean3

Struggles with infertility

In February 2012 we started our baby makin’ journey on our belated honeymoon to Italy. Of course when the test were negative after one month I was pretty disappointed but it takes many couples 3-6 months and some a whole year. We waited month after month, ovulation kit after ovulation kit but still no news. Finally at 11 months I called the OB to see what could be done. We met, took some tests, and some more tests. One test had to be completed at a certain time during my cycle but we were headed back to Italy, so I had to wait another month. Then I had to wait almost another month to see the OB…wait…wait…and more waiting… only to find out on a Monday morning that our chances of conceiving naturally were about 3%. No clomid, no IUI and plain IVF – it was straight to IVF with ICSI. We met with the endocrinologist and she was very optimistic. The cycle would start after insurance was approved. Waiting…waiting…more waiting… oh they approve it the day after I could have started the cycle. So it’s another month waiting.

July 2013 we start the long, med filled IVF process. It wasn’t too bad, it was summer so I was sort of off. I was only teaching summer school. My body responded well with lots of eggs and all fertilized with ICSI. At the end of August we happily discovered, IT WORKED! However, 13 weeks later I ended up in the ER with severe cramping and slight bleeding. Ultrasound discovered a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks (after two healthy ultra-sounds.)

Fast forward to January, we decide to try our frozen embies. Much easier cycle, but no dice – BFN – no more embies.

In March we tried our second fresh cycle and it worked!!

Ava was born December 27th 2014


We are so blessed to have our little rainbow/miracle baby!

Baby Making #2

We are on to the next round of IVF. In May we decided to try a FET with our last embryo from Ava’s cycle. It was a 5 day AB grade embryo, Almost perfect but it wasn’t meant to be. BFN.

We did a third round of IVF (ICSI) for the third fresh cycle following the same protocol that we did for Ava and round #1 that ended with a miscarriage. We got pregnant but the numbers were not very strong and eventually we lost the pregnancy at 6 weeks. We had none to freeze.

4th fresh cycle… Ava happened on our third try, so here goes our second, third try. Worst turn out in eggs, only 8 mature, all 8 fertilized but didn’t grow that well. So we had a 3 day transfer of 2 embryos. And surprise TWINS due summer 2017! And one on ice.  

9 thoughts on “Our Story – IVF

  1. I am from RI! I live on the East Bay and I work in South Eastern Mass as a teacher. We are very close! Congratulations on your pregnancy! A very exciting time 🙂

    • Congrats to you! I AM nervous about teaching while pregnant! Thankfully I have a great staff filled with friends AND my vice principal is pregnant too (she’s due 4 weeks after me). So I feel like I will have the support. I do feel as though I’m going to have to tailor my lessons to my tiredness. More student driver work/projects, maybe a lot of computer work. During the first trimester at work I found myself having to sit a lot (whenever I could). And I hate to say it but some days were just movie days haha But I teach middle school social studies which lends itself to projects, computers and movies. I only have them for 45 minute periods. What do you teach?

      • I am so glad to hear about your reservations about the school year! I have a great staff as well, so I’m sure everything will go smoothly…except for my frequent bathroom breaks. I have no idea how that is going to work, lol. Regarding lesson plans, I need to do the same. I’m so used to being super active and involved. I’m a high school Spanish teacher. This is my 3rd year teaching.

    • omg I feel like I keep meaning to sign on here and post! Your comment (saw it in my email) made me check! I can’t believe how big Daniel is!!! I’m going to post soooon, sometimes I need a kick in the butt to get things done hah!

      • Haha oh trust me I understand .. I always want to update but the baby keeps me busy 😊 they grow so fast! I feel like he’s quickly approaching his 1st birthday and it makes me feel sick thinking about it lol.. Hope all is well!!

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