36 Weeks + 2 – c-section day!

Picture before we go in! 

34 weeks – getting there! 

As I sit here and count down the minutes until csection, I am surprisingly calm. I’m not sleeping because I can’t eat or drink anything before the surgery. I snuck two tums at 2am and propped myself up. But I’ve basically been wide awake since 2:30 so at 4:30 I came down stairs and the heartburn has subsided a bit.

I’ve went to the ER on the 4th and saw my doctor twice since then. The contractions have picked up big time. When I went to the ER I was contracting every 7-8 minutes but my cervix was doing nada! nothing! zero! so they were labeled as Braxton Hicks. Since then the contractions have been changing, period like cramps but I was checked in Thursday at the doctor – 0, nada, nothing, closed up shop. So here we are at csection date!

I had my last ultrasound. I ended up getting a growth scan even though I wasn’t due for one until next week. Perks to a private place AND having the doctors wife as your tech. She said, well growth scans are more fun, so lets just do it! 1.5 weeks ago they were measuring 5 lbs 2 oz and 5 lbs 4 oz. yesterday they were up 5lbs 7 oz and 5lbs 9 oz! (human error of +/- a pound) so we are looking at mid 4lb-mid 6lb babies! Her guess was between 5-6lbs Just hoping and praying no NICU time. Any baby under 4 automatically goes to NICU, and after that they look for breathing issues, temperature regulation issues, and jaundice (as I am O- and hubby is +) Ava was mildly jaundice but these guys are also 4 weeks earlier than Ava so jaundice could be a strong reality.

I had my steriod shot for babies lungs Thu and Fri – any baby expected to be born before 37 weeks gets these shots (or I get the shots to develop their lungs).

The dog is at my inlaws. Ava is at my moms – she was sooo excited to go she didn’t even want a snack after nap yesterday! On a positive note, she has decided to potty train herself this week. She refused pull ups last week and was going regularly. She even tells us now that she has to pee! (like stops everything and says, I have to pee!) She’s pooped in the potty 3-4 times between home and daycare. Often she does it in her pull up or diaper at nap/bed. But still better success than before. And nothing like great timing! haha

Ava’s pregnancy links – since we will not hit 40 week here is the end of her pregnancy

week 36 Ava
week 37 Ava
week 38 Ava
week 39 Ava
week 40 Ava

Pregnancy: #2 – TWINS

Gender: boy/boy fraternal

Weight gain: I am up 52 lbs since I started – first weight check was at my egg retrieval. 118 lbs – 168 to finish. Considering I gained 48 with Ava – I’m pretty happy about this.

Eating: Eating smaller meals now. It’s hard to fit too much in there. Some things are causing lots of heartburn (buffalo chicken pizza is not my friend). I get it mostly at night though, I keep a bottle of tums by my bedside, and water and once in a while I get up and eat something to help.

Sleep: This week has SUCKED – starting Tuesday night I have been up every 1.5-2 hours. I am getting a burning pain on my left side by my ribs. Turns out baby A likes to lay on my ribs when I lay down. Ive resorted to laying on my right side but that gets uncomfortable too.

Symptoms and Movement:

Movements: Lots of movements. I feel A more than B but every NST scan and ultrasound is perfect! My placenta is more on B’s side

Varicose veins – Status quo – wear the support belt daily and looking forward to NOT wearing it. It’s been nice to be home and relaxing.

Bump– I get asked whenever, wherever I go, if I am due anyday now. I usually reply with oh I’m expecting twins and I’m only 36 weeks – then people say “oh, I can tell!” lol then they recover with “but you look great”

Emotions: Ready, tired but doing ok emotionally. I think hubby is more emotional than I am. He’s very worried about Ava and our transition, but we’ve tried to prep in every way possible for her.

Missing: Sleep (not that that is going to return anytime soon) eating without heartburn, sleeping without heartburn, have my abs back (not visually, I haven’t had a flat stomach since HS, just being able to sit up lol)

Purchases: Finished the nursery, wall art. I also jumped on the amazon registry and purchased everything we needed. Ava got a new glider (much cheaper, but not as comfortable) because I couldn’t handle spending another $500 on an upholstered rocker and foot stool.

Looking forward to: leaving the house in 1.5 hours – getting to the hospital for 6:30 and getting this babies out at 8!

Clothes: Not a lot fits – I’m living in 2 pairs of yoga paints, 5 medium shirts my sister in law gave me (my smalls do not cover my belly anymore) 2 pairs of capris and 2 dresses. Everything I’m wearing is hand me downs because everything I bought doesn’t fit!

Exercise: bahaha


One thought on “36 Weeks + 2 – c-section day!

  1. You look AMAZING!! Wishing you all the very best for today and that both babies come out strong and healthy. Looking forward to your updates!! xxx

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