Ava post – 2.5 years old

Ava is so excited to be a big sister. She talks about her baby brothers a lot. She rubs my belly and gives it kisses. Apologizes when she elbows or pushes off me (which is often), She has already named them so I guess we are stuck with the two names on our list she likes, names TBA upon arrival

Height: 37 inches – 90% – she’s as tall as her almost 4 year old cousin

Weight: a whopping 26lbs – 21% – her 1.5 year old cousin is heavier than her

Clothes: oh gosh, this is so hard. She fits in 2t in Carters (can still do 24 mo but they are capri length and belly shirts) but 24 mo dresses still fit. In gap she is still 18-24 mo in shorts (the shorts still fit her from last year with the elastics taken all the way out. She’s so long but thin

Potty Training: long story short – end of January we tried potty training, we had the pee down in about 3 weeks but poo still was an issue. We did this for 3 months and rarely got a poo on the potty. Come the spring (Aprilish) she started having pee accidents everywhere even at school. Teachers suggested it was behavioral, she was getting angry and upset, we went back to pull ups and a happier Ava. Since then we’ve been working on potty with pull ups,  it’s going, slowly but surely.

Words: FULL SENTENCES – “Daddy don’t do that.” “What are you doing?” “I want something else.” I can’t believe she what she comes up with. She’s so much fun,  a little spit fire with her very own point of view.

Food: Still very picky but has broadened her horizons a bit. She eats hotdogs, any pasta, macaroni and cheese, ANY fruit, cucumbers, tomatoes. quesadilla, peanut butter is a go to, loves pepperoni!


5 thoughts on “Ava post – 2.5 years old

  1. I can totally relate on the clothes. We’re in 2t shirts and 18 month shorts/capris. She has a stack of lularoe leggings for fall and winter because I can always roll the bottoms on those to get the right length.

    I need to do Mackenzie’s 2.5 year update!

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