33.5 weeks and getting oh so ready 

I’m done, put a fork in me… I have some good moments, most are good in fact but I have bad ones too, like the evenings. Basically around 5-6pm I start to ache, get tired and heaviness on my cervix. Sleeping is hit or miss and for some reason no matter how much fluid I drink before bed and during the day I wake up dehydrated and with braxtonhikes. The  only thing that stops them is Gatorade. I water it down but I still feel like I’m drinking too much, it’s very high in sugar but I definitely don’t want to drink the zero calorie stuff either. 

Cholestasis has been going well. I’ve had two ultrasounds and non stress tests this week. Both passed with flying colors!! The itch is getting worse. I wake up itching uncontrollably and nothing seems to sooth it. I’m very interested to see what the doctor says on Wednesday. I thought the hospital would have called to set up the new csection but no one has called yet. 

Cool thing about going to a private place for ultrasounds, they do 3D!! Doctors office is short staffed and they don’t have many twin double appointments so I go to s private place now. Baby b got a good one, baby a not so much, so I posted a regular picture. 


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