32 Weeks

32 Weeks, I’m at a bit of a lull. I know it’s too early for twins to come but I’m getting anxious to meet them. Appointments are still 2 weeks apart and ultrasounds don’t occur weekly until the first week in July. Next week is my first week I haven’t had SOMETHING to look forward to as far as appointments go in a long time. But it’s our last full week of school – our last day is Mon the 26th. I’m hoping to make a few more half days but my time is coming to an end.

Someone refused to take a picture for Father’s Day! 

Ava’s pregnancy at 32 weeks

Pregnancy: #2

Gender: boy/boy twins

Weight gain: 40 lbs – made up for last weigh in – (I’m still under what I gain for Ava)

Symptoms: contractions if I push it too much but they are not leading to any dilation or intensifying in any way. Back started hurting this week. Anything I do requires some type of bend. Washing dishes, picking things up, folding laundry. The belly is so huge it gets in the way.

Food: Getting hungrier, and snacking is not sufficing.

Babies growth: Last ultrasound was June 7th – Baby A is average at 3lbs 9 oz. and baby B is above average at 4lbs 5oz.

Looking forward to: School ending and these babies coming! This week I think we finally have someone to take the queen bed out of the spare room so we can start to set things up a bit more. Right now it’s just a dumping ground of crap.

Also tomorrow is Father’s Day – I’m excited to give hubby his gift!! The kiddos (Ava and twins) got him a set of yankee bibs and a Yankee tee that says DAD on the back with a #1. I bought him Red Sox tickets (I know thats odd but it’s the closest professional team without sending him to NY) with two other Moms and Moms to be for their husbands. They are going on June 29th for a mans night. Also, last minute I bought the book “My Little Girl” and wrote a note and we put Ava’s hand prints on the inside cover. She will always be Daddy’s little girl.

Best moment: Two of my students were able to graduate (I know it’s only 8th grade but they were so excited). One came running down the hallway with his graduation tickets just smiling away and high fiving me!


Sleep: half and half this week. I had some really good nights of sleep – there were a couple that weren’t so good though

Clothes: Um belly is big enough that even mediums are not coming down long enough (but are too big up top lol) I have some longer shirts and tunics that seem to be working but seriously 6 more weeks of this! nothing will fit by then!


One thought on “32 Weeks

  1. Just hang in there and take it one day at a time. My friend had twins a month ago (naturally!!) and she got to week 37 which was remarkable as she’s very petite and was in so much back pain. So I think yours can probably hang out inside you for a bit longer. Good luck getting through to the end of the school year. Nearly there!!!

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