31 weeks

Overall I have really had a fabulous week. Doctor put me down to 1/2 days at work. At work I’ve been trying to complete my paperwork and tie up loose ends. I’ve been able to come home and relax for a little while until Ava comes home from daycare. I even had energy yesterday! (Although the coffee place might have given me caffeinated coffee because I had almost too much energy). Taking it easy has helped my aches and pains and veins. I don’t feel as bad in the afternoon. I write all this and tonight I’m feeling like crap. I think one of them is stomping on mycervix or pushing on the vaginal wall. I’m laying down and still feeling very heavy and stabbing pains. Thinking about taking a bath. 

Ava’s pregnancy at 31 weeks

Pregnancy: #2 

Gender: boy/boy twins

Weight gain: 36 lbs -slowed down some 

Symptoms: contractions if I push it too much but they are not leading to any dilation or intensifying in any way. 

Food: I go through spurts of wanting to eat a lot. But trying to manage those times. 

Babies growth: we had an ultrasound yesterday. They are getting so big it’s hard to see much on the ultrasound machine. Baby A is average at 3lbs 9 oz. and baby B is above average at 4lbs 5oz. My belly is getting so big I can’t imagine it growing more over the next 7.5 weeks. 

Looking forward to: maybe taking off as of next week or the week after, I’m not entirely sure. We’ll see how it all goes. 

Best moment: ultrasound! Loving these frequent checkins. Non stress tests will start the first week in July and continue twice a week until delivery on July 31 

Sleep: not happening much lately. I get a good 3-4 hour stretch for the first part of the night then I’m up every 1-2 hours adjusting because my hips hurt or peeing. I don’t sleep in much either. 


5 thoughts on “31 weeks

  1. You look amazing!! I’ve no idea where you’re going to put those babies when they grow bigger though!
    Also your description of sleep is pretty much the same as mine except I’ve only got one putting the pressure on my bladder. I do not envy you!! xx

    • Thank you! I’m not sure where they’re going either. I’m thinking they are coming early! It’s crazy how sleep is non existent! Getting us ready for those sleepless nights I guess.

      • You never know. My friend (who is v petite) kept her twins in until almost 37 weeks. She also had a natural delivery which was pretty awesome. I think she’s been having a v painful recovery though. Ouch!

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