30 weeks and an ER visit 

What should have been a relaxing day at home because I over did it at work yesterday, turned into a trip to triage. 🙄 

This all started because yesterday we had a required function after school. I didn’t go crazy but walking around compounded with a full day of work led me to be pretty uncomfortable. I came home, laid down felt better. In the middle of the night I was so uncomfortable! I was up for a good hour trying to get comfortable my belly was very achey no matter how I lay. So I stayed home, thinking a half day would be perfect. I felt better this morning but still kind of crampy. So I called the doctor hoping to move up tomorrow’s appointment to today. Instead, they sent me to triage 🙄 I hate this place. Thankfully it wasn’t busy and I was in within 20 min. (I have waited 4+ hours at this place before). 

Monitors showed babies heart rates were great. My cervix was closed and Long. But I am having contractions (those are the uncomfortable acheyness  I’m feeling.) they aren’t concerned and say to drink lots of fluid and take it easy. Feeling ok when I left the ER and went home but of course when hurricane Ava came home it got harder. Hubby was great, he made dinner we watched a movie but either the stress of her being home or it was just a coincidence, they came back. 

I’ve been laying down now for awhile. Going to take a bath once Ava’s on bed. I’ve been chugging liquids but not much eases them. I’ve been told by others that these contractions are normal for twins and could last up until delivery. Hope not though, I was trying to make it another week or two at work. Used a sick day today and tomorrow, maybe I can do some half days but we’ll see. I go to my doctor tomorrow, hopefully she has some more insight. 


8 thoughts on “30 weeks and an ER visit 

  1. I remember those triage trips… Not a good time. After my third trip I called it and stopped working and focused on resting and staying stress free. You are doing great though! I was dilating in my 30th week!

    • Thank you! I got written out for 1/2 days fir the rest of the year. But I don’t think I’ll make it more than a week maybe two. But I’m willing to do whatever I need to to keep these babies cookin’

  2. That sounds a bit scary but you seem to be doing all the right things – as much as you can do with another little one at home. I’m hoping things calm down for you so you can have a relaxing weekend. No more triage if possible!

  3. Glad to hear the babies are still baking! I lol’d at “hurricane Ava” bc it must definitely be this age. Hurricane Whitlee is in full force as well!

      • Omg, I swear we have the same child lol. And the “touch everything” problem still applies with the new baby. I have had to say “don’t pull his arm” “don’t poke his eye” “don’t stick your finger in his ear” way more times than I thought possible! 😝 But! Sometimes she just wants to kiss him a hundred times and it’s the sweetest thing ever. We haven’t gotten to experience life outside the hospital yet but I’m hoping it’s a little easier when I don’t have to worry about her yanking out his IV or setting off his alarms lol.

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