29 weeks tomorrow

Tomorrow marks 29 weeks of pregnancy. I feel like I’ve come so far, yet I have so far to go. In reality it’s not THAT far to go. Less than 10 weeks. Currently my c-section is set for July 31 (38 weeks and 4 days) but at my last appointment that doctor said that depending on my Varicose veins, level of pain and ability to move they could move it up to 37 weeks. I’m having an eh day, where 37 weeks sounds amazing but the other part of me wants those buns to cook as LONG as possible. Hopefully they continue to measure well. Baby A is average size and Baby B is a tanker. I wish I could remember what Ava weighed at her ultrasounds, because even though I went 40 weeks and 2 days with her, she was only a whopping 6lbs 13 oz and dropped to 6lbs by the time we left the hospital. So if these guys are going to small, I will push  myself even if it means complete bed rest.

Ava’s pregnancy at 29 weeks

Pregnancy: #2 – TWINS

Gender: boy/boy fraternal

Weight gain: I am up 35lbs with the twins as of last Friday. Still under what I gained with Ava, hoping to keep it that way or at least gain the same amount.

Eating: Very well – craving sweet things but trying to keep myself in check a bit. I have a small bag of hershey kisses. I grab a small handful and eat those after dinner. OR when I’m craving a milkshake I make a chocolate and frozen banana smoothie with almond milk and carnation breakfast mix. Still high in calories but probably way better than drinking a milk shake every night. I am still snacking on healthy options throughout the day, pita chips, trail mix, yogurt, cheese sticks. Breakfast is cereal or a bagel. Heartburn has surprised me in the middle of the night twice this week, but I keep the tums by the bedside and it goes away pretty quickly.

Sleep: great, turned to ok has now become horrible! I can fall asleep well and I can fall back asleep when I’m awake. However, I’m waking up 5-6 times a night. Sometimes one of the babies is pushing on my bladder, sometimes my hips bother me and I just need to stand to realign them. Sometimes I get a nasty charlie horse (last night) and I have to stand and walk around and massage my leg. These are all happening in one night. I’m suprised I’m still functioning at work. Although at work I’ve taken up the task of testing all students that missed the state testing on our scheduled day. So for the past week I’ve been sitting for half the morning just watching students test. Which has been oh so nice!

Symptoms and Movement:

Movements: Lots of movements. I think I feel Baby B a bit more and he’s stronger. He kicks my ribs and pushes on my lungs. Baby A is kicking and pushing on my nether regions. Whether dancing on my cervix or tapping my bowels (it’s the oddest feeling.)

Varicose veins – my legs seem to be keeping the status quo. My vaginal veins are definitely getting worse and spreading. The have moved to the crease where the elastic of my undies sit so even the support belt is getting extra uncomfortable as the day goes on.

Bump– Getting bigger, people ask when I’m going to pop. Then their jaw drops as I tell them 10 more weeks. Many don’t know how I’m still working but I’m trucking through it. I have 14 sick/personal days and 23 school days left. So trying to work either until the end or take some 1/2 days here and there.

Emotions: Ok this week, tired which is probably lending to some crankiness

Missing: Still missing the ability to move. I also miss being able to each lunch meat on a soft italian roll. I probably eat a sandwich with lunch meat maybe once a month (not pregnant). But lunch meat is one of those things I really try to avoid during pregnancy. So I watched my husband eat a delicious salami, provolone, ham etc italian sandwich on Saturday.

Purchases: Finished organizing (for the most part) the boys closet. Bought some organizing things on Amazon and arranged the closet. !/2 of it is our stuff and the other 1/2 will be the boys stuff.

Looking forward to: 1) summer vacation 2) getting rid of the massive queen bed in our spare bedroom (soon to be twins room). That room is stuffed with furniture – crib, dresser, bassinet, changing table AND a queen bed. We haven’t even touched the second crib yet because there’s not where to put it. Hopefully the queen bed goes in the next few weeks. I’d love to finally set the room up properly.

Best moment of the week:

Clothes: Bought some clothes online at motherhood last week, they came in…. and the small pants (which have little stretch to them) didn’t fit! hah well I’m sure I could have squeezed into them but after a few weeks they wouldn’t fit at all. So I kept the mediums and I’m returning the smalls.

Exercise: lowered my fitbit goal to 5,000 steps – I hit that almost every day.

Mother’s Day tea



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