Infertility: one in eight 

Today marks infertility awareness week. It has hit me twice this week that I am not alone on this difficult journey. 

My friend from high school has been struggling for almost two years now. As she made her first appointment at the clinic last summer, she got pregnant but lost the baby at 7 or 8 weeks (one week after my chemical pregnancy). She tried clomid for several months and had two complete failed iui’s where the clinic missed her surge. She had her first real iui last month (with trigger to catch surge) and it failed. Tomorrow she goes in for another iui. I can only imagine the depth of heartache and stress she is under for yet another round. 

Another friend from work is on a year and a half of secondary infertility. She had her daughter by whoops on their honeymoon, but baby number 2 had taken almost a year and a half. She goes this week for blood work and her hsg ultrasound. 

They say 1 in 8 but I can’t help but feel that this statistic is low. How do so many of us struggle for various and unknown reasons? My sisterinlaw and brother, my close friends cousin, hubbys close friend, a former co-worker, the family we will nanny share with! And sadly, we do not talk about it much. I’m now able to talk about my experience and openly share it when someone asks. But I chose not to bring it up because I know my husband doesn’t want me to. 

 There’s a lot of why’s and when’s and what ifs that run through my brain. My biggest fear was, “will I ever be a mommy?” The best I can do is support those around me and raise awareness in my own way! Say a prayer for those in need and for those I don’t know are in need. Say I love you, say I support you, give them a hug or kiss. 


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