24 weeks : Glucose test… tick tock 

I’m sitting at the lab right now watching the clock tick tock down to the one hour count (how the hell do people do this for 3 hours) god I hope I pass. 

31 minutes left… tick tock 

Yesterday marked 24 weeks of pregnancy, first big milestone, viability!! Not that I’m ready for these noodles to come out yet but it’s nice to know there is a high probability of survival if they come early now. I had my growth ultrasound on Tuesday. Things looked great. One measured 1 lb 8 ounces and the other 1lb 10oz. My cervix looked great and no concerns for early labor. 
I went in early so I could speak with a nurse or doctor about my legs but of course no doctors on that day (or nurses). I go to a small satellite office not the main one. But the front desk lady was very nice and called the nurses for me. After my ultrasound I spoke to a nurse on the phone. They got me an ultrasound for my leg that day. They wanted to rule out blood clots. 

25 minutes…. tick tock 

The tech was surprised at how bad my leg looked. They were puffy and swollen and badly bruised. But all is clear and no clots. Frustratingly I missed the call from the nurse (the following day) and all she said was “there were no clots call us if you have questions” thanks for all the added information lady. I haven’t called back yet, im assuming nothing can be done anyway based on what I’ve read online. 

I go to see the doctor in 2 weeks anyway, until then I’ll manage with movement, elevating my leg and cold compress. 

20 minutes… tick tock 

I’m excited to start up with biweekly appointments rather than monthly. Although between ultrasounds and doctors I do seem to go somewhere biweekly. It’s been nice to not have to use a ton of sick time too. Only used 1/2 personal for my level 2 ultrasound. 

8 minutes…tick tock… I might puke…. 

and I’m done……. that was rough….. 


2 thoughts on “24 weeks : Glucose test… tick tock 

  1. I can attest… the 3 hour test is pure hell! Whoever thought to make a pregnant lady fast for that long was insane. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that you pass, no problem!

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