23 weeks + 3 days – veins veins and more veins!  

I’m not going to go through my whole spiel this week, not a whole lot has changed. Except my veins on my legs. I was changing for the umpteenth time and noticed massive bruises on my leg and odd ones behind my knees. I noticed the veins getting worse at the beginning of the week but they aren’t new to me, I had dark ones with Ava. But this was NEW, massive dark spots surrounding the veins. I know they are hereditary and my dads family has horrible veins on their legs (they are also all obese) I was hoping to avoid getting them this bad. I consulted Dr. Google and they are pretty normal. Plus after coming home from our Easter celebration I laid down and the bruises started to lighten. Sigh one more symptom to deal with.

Ava’s pregnancy at 23 weeks
On a lighter note, we have a csection date! If they decide to stay in long term we will be welcoming these boys on July 31 – 38 weeks and 4 days at noon. Still over 3 months to go but whatever is best for the babies I’m happy with.

Easter with Ava 

It was almost 80 degrees today!!!! We have a big family celebration on Easter 🐣 with a huge egg hunt, hay ride and Easter bunny. Ava had so much fun!


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