22.5 Weeks


Well, this has been difficult to keep up with pictures this time around. Not that I can’t find the time to write a post, but getting hubby around to take a picture (while I look somewhat presentable) without Ava hanging on me has been tough. So I GAVE UP! I took it myself in the mirror lol

Since my last post everything came out great on the ultrasound for the heart echo. The doctor came in when the tech was done and said they couldn’t be more perfect! My cervix is looking great with something close to 4 (I can’t remember for the life of me, it was 3.?) I’m hoping my cervix stays nice and long for the long haul. I don’t have enough sick days to go on bed rest for extended time. If anything I’d like the take the last few days of the school year off as needed.

Ava at 22 weeks

Pregnancy: #2 – TWINS

Gender: boy/boy fraternal

Weight gain: 21 pounds as of Friday – doing pretty well, just have to keep this rate up through to the end.

Eating: Watching what a eat a bit more. Seltzer seems to aggravate my heartburn (or peppers…can’t seem to figure out which one it is). But it hurts so much I don’t want to test which one it was.

Sleep: Sleeping GREAT! Hard to roll over but once over I do great… only roll a few times a night. Not getting up to pee at all!

Symptoms and Movement: 

Movements: Still feeling strong kicks under the belly and a few on the top left and right. I’m feeling them throughout the day and LOVING it! Someone is kicking my cervix or pubic area, it feels soo weird to be kicked there. Can they break out with too much kicking?!

Vulvar varicose veins – oddly, I don’t know if I’m getting used to them or the weight is shifting to my belly rather than over my cervix. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they are THERE but not as brutal.

Bump– um, its big…and only getting bigger. AND I’m only 22 weeks. I think I’m looking like I’m 30 weeks (compared to Ava’s pregnancy).

Emotions: Don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t sweat the small stuff. I keep having to tell myself that almost daily. Like when hubby lost my keys (2 days later I found them, in MY jacket pocket) oops!

Missing: Not being able to pick up and hold Ava. The belly is definitely getting in the way.

Purchases: Went to a consignment sale this weekend (HUGE) like fill a field house huge. On the last day many things are on sale for 50% off – so I scored big time with some awesome purchases (mostly for Ava, but I grabbed a few other things like a shopping cart cover that wasn’t bright prink, and a few swaddles, some cloth diapers and a couple of sweatshirts).

Looking forward to: ultrasound on Tuesday of next week!! – not looking forward to hubby leaving for 3 days on his annual baseball trip. At least he’s going early this time and only staying for 3 days.

Best moment of the week: Not sure, I feel like time is dragging a bit – maybe because I don’t want to be at work. Feeling them move more… 🙂 that’s always great!

Clothes: XS and S pants are still fitting but some of my XS shirts from Ava’s pregnancy are just not big enough to allow room for the bigger belly. I have had a few friends pass along their maternity wear to me, which is nice but then I end up with so much stuff (half of which doesn’t fit) lol

Exercise: Actually hitting my 6,000 steps a day more frequently – close to 5 days a week. Mostly during the week, weekends I don’t walk as much.


2 thoughts on “22.5 Weeks

  1. You look great! Definitely looks like all babies. I’m jealous of those XS/S sizes though lol.. I can’t wear hardly anything from pregnancy with Whitlee bc they were all smalls and I’m definitely in medium and some larges this go round!

    • I was in mediums with Ava by the end. But I’m thinking I’ll be in larges by the end of this one. Even though I’m similar weight, I feel like everythings different – like I’m carrying differently.

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