20 Weeks and feeling pretty good

I’ve had a pretty good week considering how awful and uncomfortable I have felt this pregnancy. I have energy, I’m motivated to get things done and my body is feeling pretty good. Hoping this feeling will last!

Ava’s pregnancy at 20 weeks!
Pregnancy: #2 – TWINS

Gender: boy/boy fraternal

Weight gain: 15 lbs as of two Friday’s ago at my appointment –

Eating: Snacks usually consist of a homemade trail mix, this usually satisfies my sweet tooth with a bit of chocolate in there. We don’t keep many “snacks” in the house, which is  a good thing. I’d be eating all of it!

Sleep: Great week of sleep (I had one bad night) but otherwise I am sleeping soundly, not getting up to pee, not waking up wide awake and unable to fall back asleep.

Symptoms and Movement:

Movements: feeling more movements in the lower regions but felt some up higher this week as well. The higher ones were fleeting, I had to do a double take, “were those actually kicks?”

Vulvar varicose veins – Same to slightly better. Movement is key, getting my body and blood moving. If I sit too long I feel it, if I stand too long, I feel it. So I need to make sure I evenly spread out my standing, sitting and walking.

Bump– It cannot be hidden any longer!

Emotions: in a pretty good mood all week – Monday sucked. By 7am I had forgotten Ava’s breakfast at home, spilled water all over hubbys car because i didn’t tighten the lid, was late for work and all of this was the morning after I broke my phone (the one I just paid off!) I wanted to just go home. My broken phone has had me worked up this week, but otherwise I’ve been good!  

Missing: moving at a normal speed 

Purchases: hmm starting selling some of Ava’s stuff on eBay (😩no more girl things). So I bought some things on eBay with the money I made. Bought some cloth diapers and put some bids on new pottery barn sheets. A coworkers daughter just had twins so she brought in two boxes of clothes (nb – 3 mo) all in beautiful condition, so I’m buying those off of her for a great price. Unfortunately I won’t be getting a shower/sprinkle so I’m trying to pick items up here and there that we’ll need. Clothing 2 boys will be daunting! 

Looking forward to: next ultrasound on Tuesday. It’s our heart echo. 

Best moment of the week:when my students find out, it’s funny to see their reactions. Actually I love screwing with them. When they ask if I’m pregnant I respond, ” why so I look fat?!nhage a Gaines weight?!” And then I refuse to confirm or deny it and say I don’t know. When they approach hubby he says, “omg Ms. G’s pregnant?! I had no idea.” Love screwin with them ! 

Clothes: uh some of my maternity shorts are too small 😩

Exercise: not much 


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