19 Weeks

What a week?! Snow day last Friday, school Monday, snowday Tuesday and 2 hour delay Wednesday. Today was the first day I had to wake up early (besides Monday). It was rough getting out of bed with the time change. Clock says 5:30 but my body says it’s 4;30. Ava must feel the same way, she pulled the blankets back over her head this morning and wouldn’t get up. But one more day of the week left!

Ava has been in a great mood the past few weeks. Her anger and temper seemed to have subsided. She is still not pooping on the potty 😦 but not sure what else to do to help. The poop prize box doesn’t do much. She’s earned it a few times but still will not tell us when she has to go most times. Not sure what else to do but wait it out. Again, cleaning up one poopy undie a day is better than wrangling her in diapers 7 times a day.

We sat down with our potential nanny this weekend. I told her our deal, and that I’d love to have her 5 days a week and Ava would go to preschool 2-3 days. She is nannying one child M,Tu,W and we know the family. So we will actually nanny share those three days and the other 2 she will be strictly with us. But I cannot pay her what the other mother is paying her. I told her where we were at, what is the minimum I can pay her and I hope to work things out financially so we can actually pay her more. I’m hoping to give her around $15 an hour – adds up quick when you work 45 hours a week. Hoping our parents can help out in cutting those hours closer to 40. The other mother is paying her $15 for one child, $18 for two and $22 for three (they have 3 kids but the other 2 are in school all day. She would only have the 3 on school vacations which my family will have off because we are teachers) But anyways, $22 an hour?! WTF I can barely afford the $15 and send my kid to preschool. If we didn’t do preschool I could afford maybe $18 but damn, I don’t live in a large city like NY or Boston. I can’t complain too much though she’s 25 and has been in childcare since she was 16 (at Ava’s daycare). She’s CPR certified, college credits (although no degree yet). She’s amazing and she will be with my kids more than I will be in the waking hours. At least with her at our house I’m not having to pack up 3 kids for daycare daily. She can do breakfast and clean dishes and let the kids sleep in. She was actually ok with our $15ish an hour because of the nanny share. She will be making enough money between the two families. In all honesty if everything is under the table she will make more than I take home in my paycheck every two weeks between the two families.

Anyways, I could go on and on about the details of daycare and our 1001 options with no single perfect option…

Ava at 19 weeks

Pregnancy: #2 – TWINS

Gender: boy/boy fraternal

Weight gain: 15 lbs as of last Friday at my appointment – slowing a bit (which is good because I didn’t want to gain another 50lbs this pregnancy. However, with twins I know it is normal to gain more.

Eating: Eating great! Hubby is cooking dinner most nights. I try and avoid junk food because of that indigestion/pain I had.

Sleep: ok – still runny nose. This cold weather is soo dry! I have a bit of a dry cough too.  But to be honest I’m so tired that even when I wake up, I go back down very easily

Symptoms and Movement:

Movements: For the past week or two I’ve felt little flicks just above my pubic bone. This week they have been full on kicks, pretty easy to distinguish! I’m waiting to be able to tell which one is kicking me.

Vulvar varicose veins – ugh – when will I be able to stand, sit, walk normally again?? I’m slowing down in general.Trying to take the elevator more often at work, jog/brisk walk…forget it. The pain in my pubic area is so intense. The V support belts only do so much after a long day at work. However, interestingly enough, a day at work is better than a day at home. I think moving and getting the blood circulating is better than being stationary all day at home.

The hardest part is not being able to help Ava or hug/kiss her the way I used to. Not too much rough housing. I can’t knell on the floor to help her go potty or change her clothes. The stool is enough for now but even that is getting uncomfortable. She is not the most affectionate child so it makes me sad that when she asks for hugs it hurts to bend down and wait for her to hug me. Hubby has been a HUGE help for the bedtime process. I’m almost wanting her to get a big twin bed so I can stop scrunching down into her toddler bed.

Bump– getting big, big and bigger!

Emotions: Pretty even this week. Always overwhelmed with the planning (aka the money)

Missing: walking around normally, sleeping on my back

Purchases: Nothing – wanting to wait to buy things until we are ready and/or sure we need it

Looking forward to: Heart Echo ultra sound next week – the heart looked good at 18 weeks but she could not see the valves and measure the chambers perfectly so we go back for that appointment on the 28th.

Best moment of the week: Ava told me she liked the names we picked out. When I started asking about names of people she knew, she kept saying no to them. So “Donald” (duck) was out, Lincoln was out, Conner was out. But she liked the few names we have chosen.

Clothes: I think I need a few more work pants. This weather sucks (the cold/snow) so I’m wearing boots daily now. I haven’t been in the mood for dresses this week.

Exercise: Trying to move from class to class…. not sitting too long… that’s about it.


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