18 weeks – anatomy scan 

Picture to come – left my ultrasound pics at my inlaws when picking Ava up. 

Had my level two ultrasound today (18 weeks 1 day). We happened to have a snow day so I was not charged a personal day. Happy camper because I have a whopping 9 sick days and 8.5 personal days. Otherwise this snow sucks. Had to drop Ava off at my mother inlaws due to her daycare being closed. 

Everything at the ultrasound was perfect! Baby A was measuring 8 oz and was very cooperative except he didn’t want to show his face. Baby B was not cooperative and bounced all around!! He was also measuring 10 ounces and looked like he was beating up his brother. Notice they were both “he” still, no miss identification. 

Doctor came in and said she couldn’t have asked for a better ultrasound. We go back in 2.5 weeks for a heart echo. 

Saw my OB today too. Very uneventful visit but nice to hear the hearts on the Doppler. 

Ava at 18 weeks!

Pregnancy: #2 – TWINS

: boy/boy fraternal 

Weight gain:
15 lbs although it’s tough to gauge because of winter clothes, although I do take my boots off everytime! 

: ok some nights better than others 

Symptoms and Movement

Nausea – Gone! No more diceglis at all.

varicose veins – feeling veins everywhere in my lower half. When I stand up after sitting to long or in the morning I feel the blood rushing to those areas, it’s so weird. I hope it doesn’t get worse. 

Looking forward to- spring! Even with the 2 inches of snow that fell today. 

Missing: walking around normally, sleeping on my back

: not much- trying to restrain myself. Today bought some pants on clearance at kohls varying sizes. Then a pack of onsies. 

Clothes: trying to wear non-maternity shirts to mix and match with my small selection of maternity pants. I have a feeling my non maternity clothes will not be fitting fir that much longer.  

Exercise: not much of anything besides hitting my 6,000 steps a day which I do on most work days. Weekends, not so much. 


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