17 weeks with Twins 

Let’s just face the fact that I can’t take a picture mid week of my bump. My posts will most likely continue to be over the weekend, thus 17 weeks and 2 days. 
Ava at 17 weeks 
17 weeks is one of those in between weeks where not much happens, no doctors visits, no exciting news to share… just waiting. I have a level 2 ultrasound next week (10th) and then a doctors appointment that afternoon. Then I start seeing the doctor every TWO weeks instead of four. Which makes it nice to have someone checking in on my health and the babies. I also have a heart echo ultrasound on the 28th. So lots of baby viewing time this month.

I’m also struggling with my maternity leave and childcare leave. I originally thought about the whole year but with buying a new (much needed car) and life expenses in general I’m afraid we won’t have enough money. I don’t want to deplete my savings to $0. I have a friend that stayed home for a year and she is running into that now and it’s only March, she has 4 months to go. I’m thinking I will take my 14 weeks c-section, then ask for additional time until end of January (start of 2nd semester). None of this will be paid besides 8 weeks short term disability because I don’t have sick days to cover it. Then if I feel comfortable financially, I can ask for more time or get a doctors note for the twins for another month or two and go from there. It is just REALLY hard to make these decisions 10 months in advance. I don’t know what it’s going to be like!? So that’s where I’m at, stay out until end of Jan and the twins will be 6 months. Then I’d like to find a nanny that comes to the house to help out with dishes/cleaning up toys/making lunches – I think this is the only way I can stay sane with 3 under 3. It’s hard enough to get Ava out of the house in the am (not that hard) but throw in 2 infants and then we got ourselves a shit storm of craziness!

Pregnancy: #2 – TWINS

Gender: boy/boy fraternal 

Weight gain: 10 lbs as of 2 weeks ago but I finally feel like I’m slowing down in my weight gain/calorie intake. So we’ll see where I’m at next time I’m near a scale.

Eating: Eating well! Appetite is there but not ravenous. I crave sweets at night but most nights I’m just too damn lazy to get up and get a snack OR when I do, there’s nothing I want to eat. I love sweets, therefore, I don’t keep too many sweets in the house.

Sleep: ok – nasally and runny nose at night = lots of tissues and sniffling at night. I also noticed on my Fitbit that I definitely haven’t been sleeping longer. I was getting 9 hours a night or close to it. Now I’m just barely getting 8 or just under. 

Symptoms and Movement:

Nausea – Gone! No more diceglis at all.

Vulvar varicose veins – worse (I think I’m just going to leave “worse” in each of my progressive posts) lol the belt is still helping, but the pressure is continuing. I have a hard time standing on one leg to put pants on. This morning I had pains in my thigh, wondering if leg varicose veins are next?? Never had painful ones with Ava but they run in my Dad’s family. Like bad. The women are heavier but have massive and uncomfortable veins on their legs. Oh genetics!

Bump– It’s there! No denying it!

Emotions: I’ve been tired coming back to a full week of work after school vacation. But I’m trying to hold onto my sick days just incase I need them for bedrest in June. I only have 9. (Two+ years ago I had 85 when I went out on leave with Ava). They go quickly!! Anyways, feeling a bit cranky towards hubby. I know he’s taking on extra work (so I try to bite my tounge) but he complains it takes him all night to do x, y, z. But in the middle of x he’s have a text conversation with his softball buddies. Then x takes him 5 minutes longer because he stops to read text, then text back, then refocus on the task. Now, I can be just as bad with my phone, but there are times I want to look at him and say, “GET OFF YOUR GOD DAMN PHONE AND FINISH WHAT YOUR DOING…or…PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR DAUGHTER/WIFE.” He’s not THAT bad, and it’s probably the pregnancy hormones making me more annoyed, I truly appreciate the extra work he’s been doing.

Missing: walking around normally, sleeping on my back

Purchases: nothing this week – trying to recover from last weeks crazy purchases

Looking forward to: Level 2 ultrasound next week. I used my doppler the other night because I pulled a muscle (maybe) while lifting Ava awkwardly. I got so nervous because it hurt a lot and there was a dull ache the rest of the night. Thankfully it was better the next day.

Best moment of the week: Ava pooping on the potty (just once) but that was one less poopy undies I had to clean.

Clothes: Pretty much in maternity pants full time right now. I can get away with a lot of non-maternity tops that are looser or I can add a belt to above my waist.

Exercise: Tried to do yoga, but then the instructor didn’t show up. Wish I had a personal heated pool – being in the bath tub helps so much. I can imagine swimming would be so nice too. BUT summer will be coming and hubby’s parents have a pool.


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