16 Weeks and a Gender Reveal

Ava’s Gender Reveal
Ava 16 Weeks

We are on vacation this week and it has been so nice to sleep in. Lots to do on vacation – picked up a car seat, bought a car, bought a crib, got an ultrasound, taxes done, and nothing much done around the hosue. Thankfully it’s been very mild, almost spring like. Ava had a weight check on Tuesday, back up to 25 lbs 🙂 She had gone from 30% in December, to 10% at the end of January (she’s already tiny, so two lbs made her drop that much). But a month later she is back up to 25 lbs. We are working on encorporating foods she likes with new foods, even if she doesn’t eat it. Also, sneaking in pediasure to her milk. Potty training is going great, little accidents here and there – still not going well with pooping, but we put together a “poop prize box” with toys from the $1 section. We’ll see how it goes in the next few days. 

So we decided to go to an elective ultrasound this week to find out the gender. Hubby guessed 2 girls, I guessed (or hoped) one of each. The place was nice, different than the one we went to with Ava. She was excited to tell us. Baby number 1 – a BOY – I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy that hubby finally got his boy. I was very happy for him. It took a while to find the second babies genitals. And low and behold Baby number 2 – a BOY. I’ll be honest, I was a bit disappointed that it was not girl (I mean I have ALL of these cute girls clothes that will never be worn again) but we are thrilled. Ben said it’ll be nice for Ava, she’ll be our “little girl” and the boys will have each other. Of course the three will always have each other! 

Thursday night we had family over and Grandma’s opened the boxes to reveal the balloons. They were both so happy for boys. Hubby’s sister has 3 girls, 1 boy. My brother has 2 girls. My step brother has 4 girls. My half sister has one of each. So girls definitly outnumber the boys in my family…. they are catching up though. 


Weight gain: 10 lbs as of last Friday at my doctors visit – not that bad considering all I did was eat carbs to help with the nausea

Eating: eating great still! Love eating Granny smith apples, not that I ever didn’t like them but I’d eat half and now I’m eating whole apples, like every day!

Sleep: ok – the veins are still bothering me at night. Thinking I might start wearing my support belt at night too. Lifting my leg to roll over irritates it. I want to sleep on my back to even out the weight and pressure, but I know it’s not good for babies.

Symptoms and Movement:

Nausea – on one pill a night, I’d like to wean off of it so I don’t have to buy another bottle. Maybe I’ll stop tonight.

Vulvar varicose veins – the belt has been helping and I discovered baths help. But still tough to deal with so early on, wishing it would go down a little but at least not get worse

Bump– it’s there! wearing my fitted shirts it is CLEAR I am pregnant. I can still hide it a bit in loose clothing.

Emotions: up and down, had a mini freak out about the gender reveal with family. I drove to three places to find what I needed and the boxes didn’t work. So trying to finagle things turned into what’s called a “pinterest fail” hubby was a great sport and ran to walmart for bigger boxes.

Patience with Ava has been about the same. Trying so hard to be patient. Back to school and a routine next week.

Missing: walking normally

Purchases: Mom bought us a crib 🙂 we had a trade in coupon and bought a crib and mattress. A TON of stuff on clearance that was 75% off (boy and girl so we thought we’d return what we didn’t need).

Oh yea,  A CAR! I just bought my new Rouge two summers ago and it wasn’t even 1/2 paid off. But the idea of squeezing in 3 across was giving me anxiety. I did lots of research (non mini vans) and we decided on a used (new to me) Honda Pilot. There is a third row of seats and a spacious trunk. Very excited to pick it up tomorrow

Looking forward to: Level 2 ultrasound in 2 weeks – hoping everything is looking good

Best moment of the week: Finding out the genders and seeing Ben’s look.

Clothes: Mom took me shopping for my birthday (finally, it was 2 months ago). And bought me some wonderful clothes. I got a pair of dress pants/leggings, jeans, 3 tshirts, a long sleeve shirt and some stuff online. I finally put on my new clothes and felt great. I am definitely shaped differently than Ava’s pregnancy.

Exercise: running around this week when I can – swelling kicks in pretty easily


14 thoughts on “16 Weeks and a Gender Reveal

    • Loving the pilot, only have 1 car seat in it now. But there’s so much room. We got her graco 4ever rear facing and still able to put the passenger seat all the way back.

  1. Congratulations!! I’m starting to think it’s the year of boys! Crazy to think so many of us had girls at the same time, now boys! 💙💙

    Random – what flavor pediasure are you sneaking in her milk? Whitlee is still so small in weight but her growth curve is normal. Just for peace of mind, I’ve tried different flavored of pediasure but she’s so not into it lol.

    • Thanks! Seriously, we ALL had girls lol now boys.

      We put in chocolate mixed with white whole milk. She hated banana. And she will not drink it alone, only mixed with milk. One container lasts 2-3 days, we just put extra in her cup if she has a bad day of eating. It’s expensive so mixing helps too.

    • I’m in the pediasure boat over here too. Honestly, I stopped trying to make her drink it and now she asks for “strawberry milk” on her own. She will NOT take it in a sippy cup though, has to be in a straw cup or just a straw in the bottle which I have to help her hold.

      We’ve had luck with strawberry and banana. I just leave the bottles out where she can see them by her snacks and when she wants one I grab a cold one out of the fridge.

  2. Congrats! I remember feeling the same way about not reusing any of Mackenzie’s stuff. I will say I have spent a lot less on Oliver than I did on Mackenzie. Boy stuff is cute but I’m not as tempted to buy it!

  3. Congrats! It took me awhile to get use to the idea of a boy as we too have all the girl stuff too but so far it’s fun!

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