14 weeks – veins are back and not on my legs

Ava – 14 weeks

Such a long week. Ava’s been potty training and very angry lol is it a coincidence? I don’t know. She threw a fit for 10 minutes about god knows what before bed.  Then she started wailing for her wuaconole – guacamole. She hasn’t been eating much (down 2 lbs since Christmas). So trying not to argue with her. I got her guacamole and chips and quesadilla she didn’t eat for dinner. She ate some and then was content. Also, in a lot of pain with swelling in my who-ha. More under movements…. but TWO snow days?! I was happy with 1 but 2 kind of sucks because if I’m on bedrest it cuts two more days of not getting paid or using a sick day (all 9 I have…) 

Weight gain: not a clue, no scale in my life. Doctor visit next week 

Eating: nausea is gone….. (hopefully) Monday I forgot to take my diceglis and I wasn’t Nauseous so I’ve just been taking the two night time doses. I haven’t cut those out just yet, afraid to have an awful night. I’ll cut it out in the next few days probably. Unless I get nausous again. 

Sleep: great, until last night. I had a horrible headache and went to bed at 7:30. Then I was up from 11:30-12:30, wide awake! Then didn’t sleep soundly the rest of the night. Hopefully this isn’t the pattern. 

Symptoms and Movement: not yet, and the pressure I mentioned last week… oh no it’s not my cervix. It’s varicose freakin’ veins in my who-ha!!! I didn’t have these until 35+ weeks with Ava. I am only 14 weeks… the next 20 something weeks are going to suck. I’ve tried to get off my feet but let’s face it, I’m a teacher. Even then I’m trying. But after a 9 hour day, I have a 2 year old. Yesterday I made the mistake of making dinner and not resting when I got home :/ pain upon pain. The swelling was bad. Today I made a point to recline and relax but again, I have to 2 year old. I hate to put this stress and extra work on hubby. He already cooks 95% of the time, we take turns making lunches. So tibhave to entertain AND put Ava to bed gets tough for him. He’s not sitting down until 8 or later. He’s trying to do more but it’s been tough. I know as this twin pregnancy progresses it will only get tougher. Trying to do what I can now before I can’t :/ 

Emotions: excited to tell people at work. Tired and mixed emotions about Ava’s cranky, feisty hating on me this week.  

Missing: walking without swelling in my vagina 

Purchases: nothing… not my ch online right now, should check out sales in stores but my motivation to go anywhere is non existent. 

Looking forward to: doctor appointment next week 

Best moment of the week: telling co-workers! 

Clothes: ugh 😑 hate clothes.  Maternity pants are too big and my pants are getting too tight. The belly band just wouldn’t cut it today with my skinny jeans. 

Exercise: yoga on Monday – that’s about it. Trying to hit 6,000 steps every day. Most days at work I hit it easily. 


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