13 weeks - twin bump is popin’

Ava at 13 weeks – Ava

Weight gain: at 10 weeks it was 3 lbs – didn’t get to weigh myself at the ultrasound and I don’t own a scale. I think it’s already too much. Feeling very big. 

Eating: nausea is still down but not gone. Still taking my 3 diceglis daily. I find I have more of an appetite but then if I eat too much I get cramps and bloated. So catch 22 of eating.  

Sleep: same as last week but finding it harder to sleep on my back, I wake up with the need to roll over pretty quickly. I mean they say sleep on your side in the 2nd trimester, well I technically didn’t hit the second trimester until today. I’ll probably break out the snoogle this week. 

Movement: not yet, still getting pressure on my cervix.  

Emotions: happy, excited, still not sure when I want to tell people. However that belly is getting harder and harder to hide. 

Missing: being able to bend over, seriously?! I’m only 13 weeks. 

Purchases: nothing… thinking I need some new Stuff soon. I put on a maternity shirt from Ava’s pregnancy tonight, it was too tight, not sure if it shrunk or I’m just shaped differently. 

Looking forward to: hitting 14 weeks, not hiding my bump, elective ultrasound for gender at 16 weeks. 

Best moment of the week: seeing them both on the big screen at my ultrasound. That was hubbys first time seeing them! 

Clothes: see purchases – I’m wearing t shirts that are maternity because they’re longer. Pants are still a bit big but I tealllly think I had a growth spurt in the past couple of days. 

Exercise: no yoga this week, got cancelled. Trying to keep moving as much as possible. 


3 thoughts on “13 weeks - twin bump is popin’

  1. My maternity stuff from my first pregnancy was really tight this time too. I don’t think we ever get back to the exact same shape after this

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