12 weeks 

I think it’s time to start my weekly updates. I cannot believe how big my belly has gotten. Still trying to hide it with some strategic tunics.

 This was 12 weeks with Ava. Pregnancy – Ava 12 weeks

Weight gain: at 10 weeks it was 3 lbs (I re weighed myself when the nurse left without my clothes, I wasn’t accepting the 6lb weight gain) turns out I had 3 lbs of clothes/boots on lol

Eating: still keeping food in my belly to stave the nausea off. Cheese and crackers are my go to at work. I eat breakfast as soon as I get up to help too. But other than that, Not a lot of my eating habits have changed. Taking 3 diceglis not instead of 4. Sometimes I forget and only get 2 but half the time I forgot I’m nausous the other half I’m actually fine. 

Sleep: pretty good. Using a body pillow for my back and a flat pillow between my legs for my hips. I use a pillow in non- pregnancy so this isn’t new. My hips get out of whack easily which during pregnancy was tough the first time around. 

Movement: not yet, pressure on my cervix. Not sure if it’s twins, second pregnancy, the scars Ava left when she gave me 3rd degree sulcus tears, or what. It goes away once I sit and/or relax.  

Emotions: I’m a teary mess when I read sappy/sad things 

Missing: I was craving a sub sandwich this week. But not much else. 

Purchases: gearing up for the babies r us trade in event. Have 3 old car seats (2 from my inlaws and one from a best friend) and want to buy Ava’s new car seat and a crib. Need a double monitor and glider but the fine print says no gliders. We’ll see if I can sweet talk them into allowing it. 

Looking forward to: ultrasound onMonday!! 

Best moment of the week: not sure, I’ve just been very happy and content all week 

Clothes: took out my maternity stuff. I’ve only worn maternity pants once. But some tunics I bought for Ava’s pregnancy (not maternity) have been working nicely. I have like 3 pairs of pants that still fit lol so dresses are helpful too. My leggings don’t fit – too tight on the belly. So my lularoe ones are coming in handy. My sis in law even found black ones for me! What?! Black leggings! Yes! Check out my maternity page for hiding the baby bump! 

Exercise: doing yoga once a week (not prenatal) trying to take it easy which is hard because I normally push myself. But no major twists or inversions. My instructor/coworker knows and gives extra modifications for my benefit. I’ve gone for a few walks on warmer days but it’s been pretty cold and wet here. 
Oh bought a Doppler because I was scared, only $30?! They were more expensive during my last pregnancy. I looked into it but never bought one. The first time I spent 35 minutes finding the heartbeat. I kept hearing it ok the background but couldn’t catch it straight on! The next night, 5 minutes and may have found the second heartbeat. A few days later I found the heartbeat with a minute!! Then found the second one within another minute! 

Until Monday when I have my NT scan!! Praying all is well!


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