Week 10 

Ugh, it was going so well. No nausea, not overly tired then it hit…3 am nausea, I thought to myself, “this is weird, I took my meds,” I ate a few crackers and went back to bed. 4am rolled around and I couldn’t hold it any longer, I ran to the bathroom and hurled whatever I had just eaten. Again, I thought weird, maybe it was the pregnancy nausea. 

Then it happened…again…and again from 4 am to noon just about every hour. The stomach bug that has been going around hit me hard. I spent the whole day in bed. Dragged myself out of bed for my progesterone shot, a piece of toast andto use  the bathroom. I even set up a towel/bucket set up by the bed so I didn’t have to run to the bathroom. 

Wednesday night I had awful cramping, to the point that I thought I could miscarry. I waited for the blood but nothing came. I went to bed at 7:30 just trying to relax. 

I had my doctor appointment yesterday, 10 weeks. I felt much better, no cramping. But I was still scared. Thankfully, doctor suggested a Doppler with fair warning that he might only find one. I was fine with that, any indication that I had ANY life inside of me was all I wanted. He found the first no problem, phew. Second one was faint and not as easy to find, it actually could have been the first one, no way to tell. But my heart was at ease, the cramping was just the stomach bug. 

On a side note, the diceglis almost ran  out. Doctor had to write another perscription because technically insurance thinks I should only take 2 but I’ve been on the highest dose of 4. So my perscription lasted 15 days not 30. I’m waiting to see if they will fill the second perscription. :/ 

Belly bump is there! Yikes, I don’t think I can hide this one until 16 weeks again. I’ll be lucky if I get to 12. I think I’ll start the bump pics at 12. Still crazy and don’t want to jinx myself like the first time. 


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