The past few weeks… 

The past few weeks update:

The few days after Christmas to New Years was miserable 😭 right after Christmas my nausea continuously grew worse day after day. It was almost unbearable (or so I thought) on Thursday, doctor gave me some meds and I went to cvs dropped $50 for my 15 day supply and hoped for the best. The next day was Ava’s 2nd birthday. Well I woke up and what I thought was unbearable the day before became intolerable the day of her party. All I wanted to do was sleep, lay in bed and throw up. I threw up once and felt better for 20 minutes. My mom came over knowing I wasn’t doing well to help. I slept most of the day. I dragged myself out of bed and put on decent lounge clothes (instead of the gross pj’s I’d been in for 2 days). I lasted about 15 minutes and retreated upstairs with a “migraine.” So sad to miss Ava’s party. I thought it was nausea but maybe it was a stomach bug? Very coincidental that it grew steadily worse and then better with meds. Saturday was better, Sunday almost normal, and Monday I felt like myself. Just in time to go to work. 

First week back at work was good, especially since I’d need feeling better. I’m on the highest dose of meds. I went to the OB for my “dating” ultrasound, even though we had one had the clinic, I wasn’t going to turn down a chance of seeing those two beans. Both looking good, measuring on time and heartbeats at 181bpm for both. 8 weeks, 4 days. 

Ava’s birthday party pictures with the reptile guy



11 thoughts on “The past few weeks… 

    • Thank you! She had a blast! It’s so hard to do an indoor party for her bday! But she loved the reptiles, touched all of them! Lol proud of her. Many people retreated upstairs during the snake part.

      • That’s awesome that she loved it. I would have retreated outside and down the block haha. I’m terrified of snakes. My first full day in India 4.5 years ago we were at an outdoor market and there were snake charmers. I panicked. My coworkers lied to me and said there weren’t any snakes just so I’d calm down, then several days later told me they lied to me because they’ve never seen anyone freak out like that over them.

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