Then there were four…I mean five lol 😂 

First ultrasound today at 6 weeks 4 days. They quickly saw the first sac and took a minute to find the second one. 

Starting with the first, heart beat detected, fetal pole and sac found yay! Second, maybe a fetal pole, maybe movement/heartbeat. Can’t be sure because the machine is on the older side. The resident did my ultrasound but he did what he needed to with confidence. My doctor over saw and agreed with all he said. My doctor suggested a trip over to the hospital to check on the second sack. To see if it had a heartbeat. The hospitals ultrasounds are 1,000 times better than the clinics. 

Went over to the hospital and saw the tech there. She quickly found both sacs, both fetal poles and both heartbeats! 😍 baby A was 160 and baby B was 120. Tech guessed a boy and a girl based on heartbeats. Who knows though?! 

Now I’m graduated from my clinic. I go to the OB next week at 8 weeks. 🙂  over the moon excited. We are going to be a family of FOUR! 


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