Ava – 23 Months

Ava is almost 23 months old on November 27th. She is the light of my world and has gotten me through a very very tough time the past 7 months as we’ve tried for baby number 2. But this is about her! No struggling posts from me, it’s all about AVA!

Weight: 25 lbs as of a month ago at my mom’s house

Height: no idea… she’s ridiculously tall though!

Clothes: Anything from 24 months-2t. Her top is very small and even fits in 12-18 month gap clothes but her legs are so long she fits in 2T pants. It’s a matching game trying to find clothes.

Diapers: 5’s

Potty Training: we are doing pretty good! She uses the potty probably 7 of 10 times we put her on it. She loves undies and takes her diaper off but she often pees in her undies if we try for the whole day. We will probably try again once we have an extended vacation, it’s tough to potty train her on a 2 day weekend.

Teeth – FULL mouth

Sickness – Year 2 at daycare is getting off to a much better start. We’ve only had to pick her up once for being sick (but she didn’t have a fever) just cranky.. possibly hand foot and mouth.

Foods: very picky… she still doesn’t love meat. But she’ll eat kale/spinach?! She ate calamari at a restaurant. She won’t eat pizza either. She’s more likely to eat food if it’s on an adults plate. She loves her pouches and yogurt still. She loves chips and juice. I hate that she does, so we give her a handful or a splash of juice in water. Daycare has given her some amazing food habits *sarcasm* Oh but I think her favorite is donuts.

Loves: Elmo, her tweety bird blanket (that her great grandmother made her back in the 90’s before she was even a glimmer in my eye, my Granny made all of her grandchildren quilts for their children. She didn’t live to meet Ava but Ava has a piece of her). Walks, going outside, her new learning tower

Hates: diaper changes at times, us brushing her teeth,

Says:  I can’t even count the amount of words she is saying. She’s stringing together multiple words and creating long phrases. She loves saying colors but still has a hard time picking the right one when asked. She sings her songs, knows her characters.

These are her 18 month photos



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