It’s a 3 day transfer Sunday morning ** update on transfer 

Half of our embryos are slow growing (3) the other 3 are on target. They do not want to risk a 5 day transfer with only 3 good looking ones (their protocol or guidelines are 4 good ones). It makes me a little sad that we don’t have more for a 5 day but Ava was one of 3 embryos that were a three day transfer. All we need is one. We are putting in 2 and hopefully a couple more make it to day 5 to freeze for back up or **fingers crossed** a third child. 

Staying positive and optimistic as I can! I’m a little disheartened because hubby wants to take a few month break if this doesn’t work. I think he’d give up all together if I didn’t push it. 

Update on transfer and other embryos tomorrow  

2 little embabies made their way back in today (one 6 cell and one 8 cell). The other 4 are still growing. One is a 9 cell, another 6 cell, and they other two are considered slower growing. She didn’t mention the cell numbers. 

Of course I didn’t drink enough water so they had to give me a bottle and come back. Come to find out, the other lady transferring didn’t drink enough either. But otherwise things went smoothly. 

Beta on December 2!  


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