Getting there…

Bright and early to the doctors office for some decent news. Left ovary has 7 follicles over 10mm and 1 below. Right ovary has 3 follicles with 2 below. (Or something like that, this is all from memory as they don’t give me the results on paper, only verbally). My lining is 10.6 – optimal for pregnancy. Now we wait on estrogen levels, it’s possible I’ll trigger tonight but more likely it’ll be tomorrow night with a retrieval Thursday.

I said decent news earlier because we are looking EXACTLY  the same as the previous cycles, which is not exactly what my doctor wanted. But it still looks like we have a good number and most measuring well. We’ll see how many are mature enough to fertilize after retrieval. 

Update: going back tomorrow morning again for another ultrasound. Nurse said she is 99.9% sure I’ll trigger tomorrow for a Thursday retrieval. 


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