Slow and steady 

Went for my third ultrasound this morning on day 10 of stims. Estrogen was in the 900’s and I had 6 follicles on the left above 10 And 2 were in the mature range. I also had 2 follicles measuring at 9. On the right I had 4 follicles measuring (none mature) and 3 measuring under 10 but very close. The nurse was not concerned with my progress and said yes, it’s slow but not uncommon and still completely in range. Still on 300 gonal f and 5 in of Lupron. 

I go back tomorrow morning for another ultrasound. I was talking to the nurse setting up the appointment and of course no 7am’s left or 7:15 only 7:30. She did tell me there are 22 ultrasounds tomorrow morning 😳 must be a busy time of year. But she took pity on my and scheduled a 6:50 and she would personally do it before her shift 😍 what an amazing nurse! 

I’m starting to slow down and get extra tired. I’ve cut more and more caffeine out. Just drinking about 1/2 cup now. Running around after Ava has been exhausting. My first two cycles were baby less so if I felt tired or bloated, I just layed down. Not so now. Ava requires a lot of attention and running around. 

Getting anxious and excited! The waiting is awful lol I should be used to it. 


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