Have I become a slow responder in my old age?! 

Day 6 ultrasound was not a happy or encouraging appointment. I had to except the 7:45 appointment because that was the earliest they had so I took a 1/2 sick day for my appointment. Waited for a good 25 minutes 😩 and when I got in I still only had 2 measurable follicles. The nurse wasnt worried (but wasn’t happy there wasn’t more growth). Left had 2 measurable and 4 smaller ones, the right now had 6 smaller ones. So something happened, just not much. She said depending on my estrogen, they’d probably up my meds. I got the call at work with 8 eigth graders in my room and one of them tried to answer it and of course at the conclusion of the call the principal pokes her head in to speak with a student. She didn’t say anything about me being on the phone, she knows I’ve been doing “medical monitoring” but not much more. Anyways, They do not want me to up my meds so I’m still on 300 units of gonal f. I’m assuming my estrogen was high enough so I’m staying the same, they usually don’t share estrogen levels. 

Ugh the stress and emotions of IVF is rough. I go back on Sunday for another ultrasound. Hopefully my body is of the kind set “slow and steady win the race” 

Not that I’m old, I know I’m still very young but geeze the eggs of a 30 year old are not the eggs of a 27 year old! Ugh 😑 


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