Day 5 of stims

So today was my first ultrasounds after starting stimming. I had my appointment bright and early at 7am, I was the second one on the list – darn, one woman in front of me! I did show up at 7 this time. Due to election day we went into school later because kids weren’t in today. It was a busy morning at the doctors office. I was second so didn’t have to wait that long – only for the second nurse to mosey on out and say my name. (Yea I got the old lady that struggled with everything, including her password on the computer…)

Any who, my body cooperated a bit better this round. Meds were 5 units lupron and 250 units of gonal f. I had 5 follicles on the left (2 were measuring over 10) and 4 follicles on the right. I got the call this afternoon that they are upping my meds to 300 units of gonal f. I was a bit surprised as I had already responded well and better than last time. So I asked the nurse why – all she said was my estrogen was 97 and they can always take it back a bit if 300 was too much. So, whatever the doctor says! I go back on Thursday for another ultrasounds, this time the earliest appointment is 7:45 😦 so I guess I’ll have to take a 1/2 a sick day for this.

Tonight: 300 units of gonal f and tomorrow morning 5 units of lupron.


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