Shots, shots, shots, shots

I am officially stimming for my 4th fresh IVF. I have on the books 6 cycles for a total of 10 embryos put back in with two miscarriages and one beautiful 22 month old. I feel like an expert this time around. The nurses and lab techs all know me by name. I don’t have to say my name when checking in, nevermind show an ID. I joke with the lady in charge of drawing blood, she even knows my husband! Sad as this is, they do make me feel comfortable and like family. 

I’m trying to get  intermittent FMLA  to cover my 3-4 days I will need off. Our district has been cracking down on people taking days off. So hopefully I can get it approved if not, I still have sick days and I’ll get a note but I’d like to get the FMLA. 

THURSDAY I went in for a suppression baseline check on Thursday. Expert that I am, I showed up 10 minutes early so I could be the first 7am to be taken in (there are usually 3 7am appointments). Got out at 7:10 with the report that I was full suppressed and on my way to work. I was only 20 min late, no one even noticed. 

FRIDAY After taking 20 minutes to figure out the time change and meds. lol I swear I’m a smart person with a masters degree. I took my 250un of gonal f (up 100 from my last cycles). Easy peasy. 

SATURDAY almost forgot to take my meds, my phone died and alarm didn’t go off. But I got it! 

Here we go again… ❤️❤️ 


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