On to round 4 – protocol

I started the birth control on October 5th. And just started lupron two days ago.I will be on lupron for two weeks and I have my baseline appointment on Nov. 3 to make sure all is quiet in my ovaries. Pending that is good we will start gonal f to stim on November 4th and continue stimming the follow week with a retrieval the week of November 14. imagesThings we are doing different:

  1. Upping gonal f from the beginning (150 to 250) I consitantly get 15 eggs with 10 mature (give or take 1) and doctor wants to get all 15 mature.
  2. Progesterone in oil again (all of my miscarraiges have been on crinone – not that there is any correlation, doctor said absolutely not the reason) but how can I argue with the success we had with Ava
  3.  We have 3 or 4 viles of decent sperm samples with 12% and 9% motility to add to hubby’s sample the day of

Hoping this is the last round! And we have some quality embryos to move forward with!


4 thoughts on “On to round 4 – protocol

  1. Forgive me, I don’t know a lot about this subject, but it seems like a lot of this round is similar to when you were able to get pregnant with Ava? I hope I’m understanding correctly! I’m always worried about sticking my foot in my mouth. And I sure hope everything is successful this time! It sounds like a good shot!

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