Cycle Day 1, here we go again… 

And we’re off again… today (well last night) was cycle day 1. I’ve never been so excited to see AF! Well I guess the retrievals and transfers I’m just as excited. Called the doctor, getting some blood work today and must call the IVF coordinator tomorrow (I called too late today). Start birth control after my blood work. 

RECAP: I’m feeling optimistic concerning this cycle. My FET was a bust in June (I did not expect much, I never do well with fet’s) but I had such high hopes for our fresh in August. But my balloon was popped when hubby had 0% motility (of course they didn’t tell me this). He gave two samples but surprisingly 9 did fertilize, most made it to day 4 and 2 were put back in. Miscarriage at 6 weeks due to slerm quality. Doctor said my eggs were beautiful and my uterus textbook. And here I thought baby #2 would be easier! 

But we are starting over and have two back up samples with husbands swimmers at a lovely 9% and 12% motility rate 🎉 fourth retrieval with sixth transfer! Here we go! 


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