St. Gerard patron Saint of infertility

When I had gone through my first miscarriage I had spoken to our priest about a Saint to pray to. He had suggested St. Gerard. Coincidentally I did not tell him we had infertility issues (as IVF is not an accepted practice in the Catholic Church) but Gerard happened to be a Saint of Infertility as well.

I wore my pendant around my neck through out the whole IVF process the second time. I wore it throughout my entire pregnancy and my first weeks as a new Mom. I didn’t always stop to pray to St. Gerard, but I knew he was always there swinging around my neck.I could easily reach up and grab my medal, give it a squeeze and go on with my day.

I forgot how much strength having the medal on my neck gave me until a friend texted me that she lost her pregnancy at about 7.5 weeks (she was just 1.5 weeks ahead of my angel baby). She had seen the beating heart a week before but it had stopped sometime that week. She had tried for over a year and they were planning a visit to an RE for consultation when she had miraculously gotten pregnant (all of our IVF’ers dreams). But it was not to last. My friends and I got her flowers as they had done for me just the weekend before. But I wanted to do more, it’s hard to explain to the friend that got pregnant on the first try, even to the friend that it took an extra two months but even harder to the friends that are not moms or haven’t started to try yet. I knew what gave me strength so I went online and bought her a necklace with a prayer card specifically for infertility. (Hard to find because Gerard is mostly known as a Saint for mothers and pregnancy).

“St. Gerard, you are honored as the patron Saint of infertility issues. By your intercession with God, I seek your help with this challenging and frustrating time. Help me to do the holy will of God and allow me to be fruitful in offspring. Oh Saint Gerard, I call upon you and seek your most needed help, that I may conceive and raise children who follow God in this life. Pray for me that God blesses me with the most precious gift of life and if needed, I ask of you a miracle, as you have helped so many in need. Bless me with a healthy child, Amen.”

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