Hope and Kindness

Well it took two weeks to get a 0 beta. The bleeding started the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. IVF doctor said I didn’t need roHgam for my rH factor but my obgyn suggested I get it. So because it was a holiday weekend no one was open for me to get it. I had to drag my cramping sore self to Women and Infants ER (yea the triage ER that takes all the women in labor). Thankfully it wasn’t busy and the very kind nurse saw my tears (and my obvious not pregnant belly) and pulled me in the back so I wouldn’t have to sit with the women 9 months pregnant going into labor. I didn’t even need to pay for an ER visit, the kind nurse called my practice doctor on call to order the roHgam shot. I didn’t need to be checked out, there was nothing to see on an ultrasound. So this nice woman who I don’t even know made my horrible day a little bit better! I came home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my high school friends. And that night I got my mind off everything with some pain killers and a wedding. No one knew my pain, but it was better that way. Nothing to explain, no awkward talk or questions. A night to forget everything.

I went to get another HCG draw last Friday and it was still 8. Then I did it again on Friday and it was back to 0. I also got to meet with my RE doctor on Friday. He’s the one that let me test Friday instead of waiting until Monday for the beta. A nurse had to draw, not a phlebotomist, as they had already gone home  (ouch) she did apologize and say she hasn’t done this in years. But it saved me a trip at 6:30am on Monday. We sat down and discussed the cycle. He showed me the quality of all the embryos etc.

  1. He was concerned that I had 15 eggs and only 10 were mature. He wants to start out with a higher dose and lower as necessary. The 12 days on stims seemed to be a good number, but he wanted more mature eggs.
  2. The embryo quality (for all the ones that stopped growing or never made it to blast) were likely due to the sperm quality. And even though we had an embryo stick, it was probably not chromosonally sound. He had the paperwork from both samples my husband had to give. First one: “1 twitching” second one: “3 twitching” both with 0% motility. I’m glad hubby wasn’t there for this appointment, he takes these things so personal. On the plus side for the next cycle, we already froze a sample of my husbands for our next cycle (out of fear of Zika because he is going to Florida at the end of the month.) The sample was given at the urologist. They told me there was 12% motility with slow movers. I’ll take 12% over 0% for sure! IVF doctor said getting one more sample to freeze won’t hurt if we don’t mind paying for it. (Considering everything else is paid for in IVF, besides copays, I can handle the almost $200 again. We already paid the storage fee.)
  3. Because I’ve had two miscarriages we are getting a blood test to test to see if I am prone to miscarriages. He said it wasn’t a genetic test but it tested something in the blood, I can’t remember the name of it. He said it was highly unlikely, but worth checking.
  4. It’ll be basically the same cycle: birth control, lupron to supress, higher dose of gonal f to get those follicles mature, and ovidrel to trigger. The only other difference will be my progesterone. I was on crinone for both miscarriages, the doctor assured me the first miscarriage my placenta was already established so going off of it couldn’t have caused it. This cycle was basically a chemical so lack of progesterone wouldn’t have caused it. BUT how can I argue with the 21 month old napping upstairs… I was on progesterone in oil for her (for 14 weeks!) So he is humoring me and letting me do the progesterone. It doesn’t matter to him, I’m the one pricking myself nightly.

And now we wait… wait for the cycle to begin. I signed all the paperwork Friday. Hubby drove in saturday morning to sign his part. Monday they will get insurance authorization and we are a go. I’ll call day 1 for bloodwork and start my BC pills after the bloodwork.


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