And it continues …

So the nurse says it went down to 200 (something). I’ll be honest I started to block her out when she started with continue meds we want to see you in 4 days. SERIOUSLY?! “Well the doctor says both could have Implanted so we don’t want to stop you.” Really, if both implanted my numbers wouldn’t be 78, and then not double. I think what really makes me mad (and I do genuinely like my doctor) I’m not into his happy optimistic, sugar coated bull shit. Just be realistic with me. Hell the nurse was more realistic than him. She even said,” I don’t want to get your hopes up.” Lady, my hopes were dashed at the last beta. We also had our appointment with him today which was pointless as well. Hmmm maybe I don’t like my doctor….

End Rant…… 


5 thoughts on “And it continues …

  1. 78 could have been a twins number if it was early (my first two with twins was 32 and 56) but I agree that not doubling is a very bad sign. So sorry you have to go through this. Infertility and looking at those negative pregnancy tests every month is heartbreaking enough but getting excited about a positive and having those dreams dashed is the worst thing I’ve ever experienced.

  2. I know, I do… I’m just so frustrated at this point. Our number was 78 after 15 days past retrieval. My past two pregnancies were well over 300 on the same day. (Not that that is an indication because one was a miscarriage) Just feeling frustrated!!! The wait is awful.

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