Still in beta limbo

Well I got my bfp on 8dp5dt first stick I tried. Two days later I got my beta and it was disappointingly low (for me). My first two pregnancies were well over 300 on the same day. Not that it’s any indicator because one of those ended in miscarriage. Anyways, it was a whopping 78. The nurse wasn’t excited but she wasn’t doom and gloom either. 4 days later I went for another beta, surprise, surprise, I waited until 3pm for the call back. I expected the worst thinking they were calling so late because they had to talk to the doctor. Well… It wasn’t the worst, but no where near the best either. 206. That’s a 62% increase in 2 days with a 2.9 doubling time. Again, still pregnant but not looking great. I have to go back tomorrow for another test to see it rise. From what I’ve read, it could be a normal pregnancy with slow rising, it could be ectopic or it could be a non viable pregnancy. So it could be ANYTHING at the point! 

Just waiting and more waiting. A part of me wants to know one way or the other. Don’t get me wrong, I’m praying this turns around but if it’s not going to, I’d rather know now. I start school in 2 weeks. I don’t want a shot, I don’t want a d&c or a natural miscarriage in the first week of school. I JUST WANT TO KNOW!! 


9 thoughts on “Still in beta limbo

    • thank you, things don’t look that great. Beta 3 was 285, so back on Monday. We also meet with the doctor on Monday. I’ll probably just treat it as a consult for our next round. Nurse was not optimistic on the phone but told me not to stop meds.

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