Transfer (2) and freeze (zero) 

8/9 – Of course we hit traffic in time for our 9:00 am arrival. So frustrating when we only live 18 minutes away! Anyway, we arrived on time despite traffic. Once we got to the floor where procedures were done I realized we were not first. The couple that had their retrieval the same day as ours was there to do a transfer as well. So we had to actually wait a little bit. Our doctor actually was the one that did the transfer (that has never happened, I always seem to get the same doctor).

We discussed the embryos – we had had 1 blastocyst and 1 morula. There were several other embryos that had not made it to blastocyst **yet** so I have to call back tomorrow to see if they survived and are quality enough to freeze. Honestly, I never believe the doctors. Although I don’t think they “lie” I feel like I always get the response, “well there’s a chance, but no guarantees.” I guess it’s a better response than the doom and gloom of “it probably won’t” It’s just hard to read a situation. I blanked and forgot to ask the grade of the embryos and how many were left. He kind of waved his hand over a list… maybe 4 if I remember correctly. Don’t get me wrong, I love out doctor, my husband does too. Just the down fall of doctors and the medical field. I’ll call tomorrow to see if the other embies survived and ask what the grades were.

Beta is scheduled for August 19th – will probably test a day or two before. Hoping this works!!!

8/10 – just called the lab. I had a feeling, none of the embryos made it to freeze. 🙏🏻 I hope these two embies inside  me survive! 9 days to go….. 


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