Embryo update **update**

Well that was unlike the other two cycles. I woke up in a lot of pain and nausea (even though I had the medicine for nausea). I’m still in pain today so I’ll take the Vicodin the doctor prescribed. Hubby has been great taking care of Ava bean. They spent the morning at the park while I relaxed in bad. 

Retrieval: 15 eggs

Day 1 report: 10 mature, 8 fertilized

Transfer: still waiting to hear if it’s going to be a day 3 or day 5 
I looked back at all of my old cycles and all are similar: 1. 14 eggs, 10 mature, 9 fertilized – 2 day 3 put in (3 to freeze) 2. 14 eggs, 11 mature, 8 fertilized – 3 day 3 put in (1 to freeze) so I guess I have some good/average numbers again. 

Day 2 update: out of the 8 fertilized 6 are dividing (2 – four cells, 2- five cells, 2- six cell). The other two could catch up. We will do a five day transfer on Tuesday with two embryos. 🙂 hopefully some to freeze! 


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