11 days of stims

Headaches are gone! Must have been lupron lower dose of 5 units int he a.m. I’m still on 225 gonal f in the p.m. Feeling a bit bloated and tight in the tummy, like there’s something in there! My ovaries were a pretty good size at this mornings measurement. The nurse said my follicles were just there but still border line. Way more got bigger, but not at the measurement they like just yet. She said, best guess, I would do another stim tonight and trigger tomorrow. I’ll know for sure this afternoon when they call but it’s looking like a Thursday retrieval now.

Protocol: repeat from last post
Protocol 7/21-7/25: Lupron 5 units in the a.m. 150 gonal f in the pm: we had 11 follicles, non to measure (5 on one side and 6 on the other). I was a bit disappointed at my numbers because I had so many more three years ago. I was right and they upped my gonal f to 225. The doctor wanted to do an aggressive protocol but he was ok with doing the exact protcol I had done 3 years ago. That was out the window with my 11 follicles.
Protcol 7/26 – 7/30 Lupron 5 units in the am and 225 gonal f in the pm. I went in this morning (7/28) and went up to 14 follicles with 3 to measure. Yippie! Got my call and I’m staying on the 225 until Saturday when I go back to get an ultrasound and bloodwork. However, I’m feeing the 225 of gonal f. I had period like cramps last night, and my belly is bloating a bit. At 150 I never had symptoms. But I guess I’m getting “old” and need more of a kick in the ovaries.

New Protocol and update 7/30-8/1 Lupron 5 units in a.m. gonal f 225 units in the p.m. 9 follicles are measuring. 10-11 are follicles are still under 10mm. Waiting for news about 1 more stim or trigger tonight.


UPDATE: one more day of stims – retrieval is probably on Thursday.


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