7 days in

Its been a bit of a different process this time around. The lupron I was on for 2 weeks caused a dull ache of a headache. Not excruciating but oh so annoying. I tried tylenol trying to avoid ibuprofen but didn’t work to well. Hubby was great and let me take a nap a couple afternoons. So when I dropped down from 10 units to 5 – it actually went away after day 2.

Protocol 7/21-7/25: Lupron 5 units in the a.m. 150 gonal f in the pm: we had 11 follicles, non to measure (5 on one side and 6 on the other). I was a bit disappointed at my numbers because I had so many more three years ago. I was right and they upped my gonal f to 225. The doctor wanted to do an aggressive protocol but he was ok with doing the exact protcol I had done 3 years ago. That was out the window with my 11 follicles.

Protcol 7/26 – 7/30 Lupron 5 units in the am and 225 gonal f in the pm. I went in this morning (7/28) and went up to 14 follicles with 3 to measure. Yippie! Got my call and I’m staying on the 225 until Saturday when I go back to get an ultrasound and bloodwork. However, I’m feeing the 225 of gonal f. I had period like cramps last night, and my belly is bloating a bit. At 150 I never had symptoms. But I guess I’m getting “old” and need more of a kick in the ovaries.

Summer cycles although easier on the work schedule, suck on the mind. Lots to think about and not a lot to keep my mind busy. Not looking forward to the 2ww.


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