When did you potty train? OR plan to?

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So Ava has had a potty since she was 13 months. She uses it infrequently, mostly at bedtime or bath time. In the past month she has been telling us when she poos. And grabbing the diaper wanting a change. So I thought we should give potty training a try.

We woke up and put undies on her, told her to tell us when she needed to go. We brought the potty downstairs and with that VIOLA potty trained! (YAY RIGHT) She peed on my lap twice, but the third time she poo’d AND peed on the potty. She helped dump the poo and flush the toilet saying “bye bye” to the poo.

Then… she peed 5 more times NOT on the potty. She started getting very upset about the potty and refusing to sit. So I’m pretty sure she isn’t ready for potty training just yet. We might try again in a few weeks.



4 thoughts on “When did you potty train? OR plan to?

  1. I swear I could’ve written this exact same post! We tried at 18 months and Whitlee did almost exactly the same thing. She went on the potty and then went on the floor and back and forth, then started crying hysterically right before she’d go, and like fight me not to sit on the potty, so I was like okay, she’s just not ready. We’re gonna try again at the end of summer. 👍🏼 Lately though, I can hardly keep a diaper on her and she recently started trying to bring her potty everywhere with her 😂 so it might be sooner than I thought.

    • Too funny!! You’ll have to let me know how it goes. I was going to try again middle to late August. Question – did you to undies or bare bottom? Ava can’t pull them down yet, we tried both (peed no matter what).

      • We tried both also. Whitlee can’t pull them down yet either so I just helped her every time. She’s just recently started to get the hang of it. I’ll try to make a post when we try again! Hopefully the next go round will be more successful.

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