Here we go!

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School is out! Finally…. our last day of school was June 27th but I was in professional development all week 2 hours from home. So my first official day of summer was July 1st! Yay! 

We spent the fourth doing fun activities. Ava is loving any type of water activity. We went to a friends cookout and the annual 4th of July parade. She did well considering the crowds, guns and bands playing. Our friends have a house on the parade route, so thankfully we have a yard to retreat to.

IVF fresh cycle 3 has begun. I started lupron on Sunday July 3 and will stop my birth control on July 7. My baseline is July 21 (a week later than normal due to my husbands stupid man trip lol) with a potential retrieval on August 2nd. I was very nervous with pushing back our retrieval a week. We’ve gotten pregnant twice (although only one resulted in birth) with our protocol so to change it makes me very nervous. I spoke with the IVF coordinator twice to get reassurance on the protocol. I DO NOT want to do another FET, we’ve had two failures not with FET.

On a positive note, we did get insurance confirmation that we can add more than one embryo during transfer. Our BCBS MA insurance only allows one, but my clinic AND primary care physician is in RI – so BCBS follows the state’s regulation where your primary care physician is located. However, RI is changing it’s regulations to only 1 embryo on July 1st. BUT our authorization went through BEFORE July 1st, so we slid in just in time. We will be allowed to transfer two. Not that I am wanting twins but we’ve always added more than 1 with and without success. IVF 1 – 2 embryos (1 stuck miscarriage at 13 weeks), FET 1 – 2 embryos (0 stuck), IVF 2 – 3 embryos (1 stuck) and FET 2 – 1 embryo (0 stuck). I wouldn’t mind twins, I’m ready for whatever God has planned for us!

Ready for not, here we go!


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