Ava – 18 Months (as of June 27th)


Our little peanut is 18 months! I can’t believe how time has flown! She is my world and makes every day better than the last. She brings happiness on a bad day and brightens my dark days when the frustration of infertility gets to us. She is beautiful and smart and I can’t wait to see how she will grow and what she will do in life.

Ava LOVES to read! Whereas before she wouldn’t sit for two seconds to sit and read, she will now cuddle up with us and read her books if we “shit” in her “cha” Her favorite books are animal books so we can practice sounds. She knows Moo, Quack, Roar, Baa, but my new favorite is the hiss of a snack and Whooo of an owl – so cute!

We are only going to daycare two days a week in the summer to hold our spot. It’ll be nice to have the two days to get things done and to wear her out.

IMG_3169IMG_3168       IMG_3167     IMG_3079

Weight: 21 lbs. 12 oz. (36 percentile) 

Height: 34 inches (97 percentile)

Clothes: 18 months

Diapers: 4’s or 5’s

Potty Training: we are going to give it a try in two weeks when family leaves town – she uses it at night at bath time

Teeth – solid 6 on top and 4 on bottom – however, molars are coming in on the bottom

Sickness – I can’t believe I have this section but since she started daycare she’s had so many illnesses!! Hand, foot and mouth disease, Pneumonia, ear infections, endless intestinal illnesses! But she’s been doing better, and now we give her a probiotic that seems to help.

Foods: rice crispies, ANY fruit, mac and cheese, peanut butter, baby food pouches

Loves: Elmo, blankies/lovies “babies,” going outside, water table,

Hates: food she does not want, her kidkraft kitchen and shopping cart,

Says: Directives -No more, all done, go outside, I want, I go, upstairs, downstairs. Animal sounds, facial features,



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