Another cycle comes to an end

That tallies to 2 fresh cycles with a miscarriage and 1 success and two failed fet’s

I stupidly bought HPT from amazon (20 of them) to try and test for pregnancy. For my other cycles I always just tested the day of my beta. This time I tested 6dpt, 7dpt, 8dpt, 9dpt to no avail. I think it made it worse. I’d rather the one disappointment, rather than the 4 days of disappointment.

I am not as disappointed as I had been in previous cycles though. I went in telling myself it probably wouldn’t work. And of course I don’t have the nagging doubts this time of “Will I ever get pregnant? Will this ever work? Will I ever be a mother?” I still come home to my happy, smiley, giggly little ray of sunshine! My life is complete, of course there’s always room to add.

Well, anyway, Monday is my appointment with Dr. A and we are hopefully starting a fresh ivf cycle with the start of my cycle.


5 thoughts on “Another cycle comes to an end

  1. I’m sorry you are having trouble again. I am sending positive vibes your way. Best of luck for the next round!! I haven’t been blogging lately, but I’m hoping to get back into it..

    If you’re ever up for it, maybe we could meet for a play date sometime! 🙂 (Not trying to sound creepy, we just live close haha)

    Either way, I hope you take care and don’t beat yourself up over this.

    • Thanks! It’s much easier process now that I have Ava’s smiling face when I’m feeling down.

      We should have a play date! That would be fun for the kids to get together. We have all summer off and she only goes to daycare on Tues and Thurs. 🙂

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