Is a FET still a considered a 2 week wait?

Transfer was today! Wrench thrown into the works, Ava was sick over the weekend so we kept her home one more day to get better. She had a touch of a stomach bug with many blow outs and a fever. But she did a great job.

We arrived at 9:45 and of course I feel guilty bringing my daughter to the appointment because it’s an office filled with women having problems conceiving. No one knows our story, of how long it took to conceive and give birth to our little girl but I still feel guilty because I know how these women feel. Thankfully we are alone on the 5th floor (the 4th floor is the main office). She was such a good little girl while I went in. I had to go alone so my husband could stay with Ava.

Thank god our little 5 day embryo thawed out and survived, we are one step closer to a BFP. I go back on the 16th for a pregnancy test to see if it implanted. I keep picturing it as Ava’s little brother in there. Although I am trying not to get my hopes up to much!

Lots of prayers over the next 10 days!


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