17 Months… (and a 1/2)

It’s hard to believe Ava is 17 months (almost a year and a half). Everyday gets better and better. She is so much fun as she gets older. She’s learning new words every day!

Weight: 23 ish

Favorite Foods: pouches, yogurt, fruit – anything that I can use my fork to eat! I just discovered cereal with milk! Rice cripsies are my fav

New Discoveries: I know what sounds animals make, I love to climb over anything, taking my shoes on and off, I love my baseball hat, I use my spoon and fork

Words: Moo, Baba, Roar. Baby, Theo, doggie, kitty, cup

Loves: I still love my lovies but my new love is MELMO! (Elmo) and my soft baby doll

Dislikes: any plain meat, plain veggies, long car rides, being hugged

Teeth: 4 up top, 4 on the bottom AND three more coming in!

Daycare: I go 5 days a week at EMC. My friends are Sierra, Emmett, Sophia, London, Evie. We range from 17 mo (me) to 2 years old. My teachers are Miss Brittney and Miss Brittnay



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