Here we go again… FET

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. Life with a almost 17 month old is anything but boring! Back in February we met our new doctor (our old one, Dr. P left to be a director somewhere else). So our new doctor, Dr. A is the new director at the facility. He was very nice and informative, patient. I liked him a lot. We have two options – use the one frozen embryo we have from the last fresh cycle or start a new fresh cycle.

We went back in April to meet and make a plan for the next cycle. With a new change in our insurance – Massachusetts insurance only allows one embryo transferred at a time – so I couldn’t bring myself to not use the last embryo (even if it is not successful.) I was hoping for a fresh cycle AND to be able to use the frozen with the fresh but that is not going to happen with our insurance. I am ok with that – we are not hoping for twins this time.

So our FET cycle has begun. I started my estrace on Tuesday. And ugh, I am feeling this stuff. I don’t remember feeling like crap with our last FET. I am nauseous and exhausted! I guess, I’m feeling a bit down thinking this won’t work and I’m feeling like crap. Our egg has a 50% chance of “thawing” because it was frozen the old slow way, not vitrified. Then we only have a 60% chance of the embryo implanting.  I’m going into this with not a lot of hope, although still praying a lot!

If this doesn’t work, we will be starting a fresh cycle this summer. But we’ll worry about that when the time comes!


Our little miracle and rainbow baby is now almost 17 months old! How time has flown?! She is NON stop. She has a go go go personality and energy but it has been so much fun. She’s still a little baldy, sometimes still mistaken as a boy. She is talking away learning new words daily – she tells me what animals say like “moo” and “ba” she wants “cookies” all the time. But my favorite is when she blows kisses, “muahhhh”


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