I never knew what it was like to get THAT phone call…

I got the dreaded call in my classroom –

“Your daughters daycare is on the line can you take the call?”

“uh, yea, definitely” My heart sinks and there’s a pit in my stomach. What the hell is wrong with Ava. They send it through as I’m staring at my 30 7th graders and they are staring back at me. I’m on the verge of tears.

“Hi, Ava has a 101.1 temperature, you need to come pick her up.” The weight is lifted. I want to cry solely because I’m relieved. I could only expect the worse. This is one of the worst feelings – it was like the calls from the ivf clinics, you never know whether it’ll be good or bad and how bad!

Then I’m kind of frantic because I don’t have many sick days and it’s only the FIRST FULL WEEK. Thankfully there is a paraprofessional in the room helping the sped kids so I leave the room to find my husband. He called his Dad (but he’s working). So he has to leave work for a 1/2 day. The vice principal was very understanding – she left Tuesday and was out Wednesday because her daughter was sick (at the same daycare). Ben gets her home and she’s her normal happy self and she cannot return to daycare for 24 hours! So Ben stays home again on friday.

Friday afternoon she develops bumps on her chin and lip. Saturday morning she develops a rash on her knees, ankles and wrists. Call the doctor – come on in!! She has hand, foot and mouth disease!!! The doctor sees the sores in her mouth. Thankfully it is no longer contagious – once her fever broke Friday she was free from the virus. But we’ve spent the weekend inside (besides going for a walk)- not enjoying the beautiful weather. She is cleared to return on Monday, and this morning her rash has even cleared a bit on her legs. It must be a very mild version of the sickness.


IMG_1992       IMG_1994

IMG_2008 IMG_2010


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