And the Daycare Life Begins

So Thursday we started daycare again. All I can say was we are thrilled (and dealing with our first sickness)

Day 1: Ava went in with no problems. She was so very excited to see all of the kids and play with ALL of those toys! I stayed about 15 minutes and then I went into work to set up my classroom. I picked her up at 3 and she was so happy! She didn’t sleep much, which is to be expected. She usually sleeps at home in a dark room with white noise. She slept about 45 minutes all day :I I spoke with the worker about moving her crib (when another child leave because they don’t share) to the corner so she wouldn’t see as much.

Day 2: Even better day! Dropped off happy and smiley. Picked her up and she was even more happy and smiley! She slept an hour and 45 minutes that day. So already an improvement. I was also so happy because the workers actually listened to me and moved her crib. Apparently the corner crib was empty and we didn’t need to wait for another child to leave. So I’m hoping next week she will sleep a bit longer. Ideally 2 one hour naps would be great. At home she sleeps 1-2 hours twice a day. But I’ll take what I can get!

This is such a relief because we had so many issues with our previous daycare. They were such nice people, I just did not like the set up. They had 6wk-18 months in one room. There were often 12 kids in a room with 2 adults. Ava was constantly left alone because she wasn’t moving much at the time. There were so many different aids that worked there, I felt like I was meeting a new one every week. At this new place it is a small room 7 babies for 2 adults (6wks-1 year). The same two women plus 1 aid is in the room all the time. And they are just so nice! They even packed my bag for me yesterday!

But with daycare comes the dreaded SICKNESS! Ava got a cold already. She woke up last night every 2 hours trying to get comfy. I tried bottles, diaper changes, snuggling (she hates that), pacifiers, lovies and eventually I had to just rub her back and sign every time she got up. Thankfully my husband woke up with her first thing in the morning and I got to sleep in. She was a beast all day. Poor peanut just couldn’t breath out of her nose. So far tonight, she is sleeping better. Vapor rub, misting humidifier, nose frida, saline spray are all on the menu.

Overall though I am genuinely happy with daycare!


3 thoughts on “And the Daycare Life Begins

    • sorry, just getting back on again – poor baby! someone suggested probiatics for babies at daycare. wonder if it’s worth a try – she’s been sick twice in just over two weeks! I hope she got better quickly! 🙂

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